We are a young, passionate team of audio industry professionals with over 10 of experience in marketing and promotion. This background has inspired us to create an online magazine without the limits regarding the location or the background both for the users and the providers.

After discussing the idea of an online portal we came up with the proposal of AV TECH MAGAZINE which is an online space serving as an informative and networking channel, connecting producers with the industry and specialists. Having already established a network of contacts among producers, engineers and specialists, we aim to create and distribute the most interesting news, articles, interviews, and, first of all, prepare content that is engaging for the audience.

We don’t only want to discuss what’s new in the AV industry – our primary objective is to be in touch with the users and give them a platform to share their voice. As a second pillar of our activity, we want to offer networking sessions where we will create a safe space both for producers and the users to exchange their experiences.

The goals we have set for the first year of our activity include – creating a valuable space for everyone, developing meaningful content, building close relationships, establishing a stable business, and, of course, having some fun along the way.

We have defined a concrete plan for growth, and we believe that together we will create a space which will serve you as a specific channel for promoting your solutions and where you’ll find value for your business.

Our plan for the first year of operation (and subsequent years) is presented in infographics outlining target groups and the services we aim to offer.


Iwona Wierzbanowska

Mobile/WhatsApp +34 664 822 234
E-mail: [email protected]

Jakub Krzywak

E-mail: [email protected]