Riedel Communications today announced that the Baluarte Conference Center and Auditorium of Navarra, one of Spain’s premier venues for congresses, exhibitions, and performances, has successfully implemented Riedel’s Artist intercom ecosystem, Bolero wireless intercom, and IP-based SmartPanels to enhance communication across its expansive 64,000-square-meter facility. Overcoming the physical challenges posed by the building’s size and its solid gray-quartzite construction, the Riedel technology connects professionals working throughout the center and auditorium to support a wide variety of events.

“In addition to making our building one of the most technically advanced in Spain, with respect to intercommunications, Riedel’s intercom solutions have transformed our day-to-day operations,” said Eduardo Nanclares, Technical and Operations Director at Baluarte. “Significantly improving coordination among our technical, audiovisual, and staging teams, Riedel’s Bolero wireless intercom system and SmartPanels have allowed us to elevate the efficiency of our technical and operational teams and, in turn, enhance the overall quality of concerts, meetings, receptions, exhibitions, and other events.”

Designed by renowned architect Patxi Mangado, Baluarte has stood as a versatile, avant-garde space in the heart of Pamplona since 2003. With a main auditorium accommodating 1,568 spectators, a chamber hall for 432 people, and an additional 4800 square meters of exhibition and event halls, addressing communication challenges within such a vast space was a priority within Baluarte’s modernization plan.

Baluarte’s Artist ecosystem integrates Riedel’s Bolero wireless intercom, featuring six antennas and 20 beltpacks, as well as seven SmartPanels connected over IP with AES67. This setup ensures seamless intercommunication not only among technicians, but also room, security, and service personnel. The SmartPanels provide unprecedented workflow flexibility, power, and connectivity through full-color multi-touchscreen displays, innovative hybrid lever keys, and app-driven functionalities. Riedel’s technical service provided initial training on the system and still offers continuous support.

“The Baluarte Conference Center and Auditorium of Navarra is an iconic venue that presents a variety of communications challenges,” said Maribel Román, Regional Sales Manager at Riedel Communications. “Deployed in combination, our Bolero and SmartPanels provide comprehensive coverage with the flexibility essential to ensuring clear communications across multiple teams and spaces at Baluarte.”

Jakub Krzywak


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