Archives in Tottenham, which is equipped with a state-of-the-art four-point Funktion-One sound system, is one of London’s newest and most exciting event spaces. We chatted to the team behind this latest addition to the capital’s clubbing map.

London’s nocturnal landscape is one of constant change and challenge, with the turbulence of the nighttime sector reflected in the worrying profusion of club closures that has dominated the headlines in recent years.

Amid this sometimes bleak backdrop, the opening of Archives in Tottenham Hale is something to be celebrated by anyone with an interest in the future of UK nightlife. 

“The capital has a history of incredible venues,” says Scott Ramsay, Events and Operations Manager at Archives. “However, more and more we see these disappearing due to construction, licensing issues, cost of operating and other factors that currently impact all of us.” 

The multipurpose events space is certainly flipping the narrative on its head. Archives is the result of different partners coming together – InDepth Creative, based at the venue, provides technical management, including lighting design and operation, while Sound Services Ltd has installed a four-point Funktion-One sound system for event goers to enjoy.  

“We’re excited to be able to present London with a new clubbing destination,” says Scott. “We’re a new club space with the intention that we aren’t going anywhere, we’re actually looking at getting bigger and better if anything. We’re definitely aware that we need to work for the long-term rather than just having a short and sweet entrance to London nightlife.”

Archives first opened its doors back in March 2024 and has so far hosted a number of different events, club nights, fashion shows, brand launches and activations, film shoots, sporting events and more. The building takes its name from its original purpose as a government archive of records and documents. 

“It’s a back-to-basics approach to nightlife; a destination venue built around the brands, artists and customers that attend, whose experience is key to us,” says Scott, discussing the ambitions for the space. So far, Archives has hosted a variety of different events with club highlights including Plastician, a SlapFunk Records takeover and Mixmag Lab on Location featuring Chloé Caillet

Matt Williams is Technical Director of InDepth Creative, a company offering the technical management for these events. Matt and his team provide lighting design and operation and projection mapping expertise, ensuring the venue has the immersive visual technologies required to cater for its ambitious programming. 

“The space already had a fantastic industrial theme, with large concrete pillars and rough textures throughout,” he says. “It was important to us that we continue this theme throughout the lighting and audio design within the venue, with LED pixel bars mimicking fluorescent tubes, sharp and powerful beam fixtures that give industrial yet versatile lighting effects and a Funktion-One sound system.”

The four-point system in place at Archives has been tailored to the space by Sound Services. Matt at InDepth Creative already had an existing relationship with the company from previously collaborating on different events and festivals. 

We wanted a sound system that not only looked good and fitted the brand but gave the space the audio quality required to host the highest calibre of artists,” Matt explains. 

“Curt [Gilmore] at Sound Services designed and supplied the system for the space and when they first set up and demoed it, everyone was blown away. From the clarity in the highs and mids, through to the deep and even bass response across the venue, we knew it was the right system.” 

According to Scott, it was during their initial trials and test series that they realised they needed to upgrade the sound system they had initially opted for. The system now features front left and right stacks of three Evo 7T with left and right back stacks of two Evo 6E, a monoblock of six F121 subs, plus an Evo 6EH for a delay. The system runs on an analogue Midas Venice 240 desk. The system also has a four-point F101.2 system to cover the areas in between the pillars.

“When you’re trying to fill a 1,600 capacity destination venue, everything needs to be on point,” he says. “The customers, artists and brands want the best, and with so many incredible sound systems across London spaces we wanted to be included in that list. Due to the work from our Head of Technical Matt Williams and Curt, Charlie [Clark] and the rest of the team at Sound Services, I think we could argue that’s exactly what we have.” 

For Scott, it is the clarity and dancefloor focus that gives the Funktion-One’s system its appeal and helps to ensure the club nights are wild, musical celebrations. 

“It looks mean, sounds incredible and emphasises the dancefloor like never before,” he states. “Sound Services need serious recognition on this project. They are more than a supplier in the space; they have designed part of the Archives architecture.”

The Archives calendar is now full of more events, ranging from club nights to sports showcases over the summer months, with programming flitting between the main events space and the outside courtyard. These will be complemented by different food and drink offerings to attract a wider spread of customers, while revered electronic producer and artist James Blake will host a series of all day parties. The plans are to work with more promoters and brands from across London and beyond. 

“We want to put our stamp on London and reinforce this through our ethics of working with as many partners as possible,” says Scott. “Our aim is to create what we hope will be one of the best events calendars in North London. Watch this space.” 

Jakub Krzywak


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