We’re thrilled to introduce Genelec Kinos, a brand-new video series we’ve created to whisk you away on a set of surprising voyages through the transformative world of music and sound.

As a vibrant celebration of storytelling through film, encompassing a wide range of unexpected artistic expressions and narratives, Genelec Kinos also sets out to shine a spotlight on individuals whose deep and unique impact has sent waves through the history of our company and the field of sound. Our hope, by recording these tales and providing a platform for free expression, is that these valuable perspectives will live on, giving many more of you the benefit of their treasures. From the heart-warming tale of a tiny mouse to immersive audio-visual dance performances, each Genelec Kinos piece has a unique charm.

For the individuals featured in Genelec Kinos, sound has strongly impacted on their work, personal life and creativity. And as musicians, audio professionals, crafters and architects of Genelec’s over-45-year story, each of them offers a new and meaningful glimpse at the true power of sound. Through their stories, you’re likely to find an uplifting sense of inspiration as you discover how sound shapes their lives for the better.

Metalsmith Eino Paulus’ remarkable journey

In our first-ever episode of Genelec Kinos, we’re honoured to present Metalsmith Eino Paulus, a true craftsman whose influence at Genelec will be felt for generations to come.

A skilful and forward-thinking worker, Paulus made himself an integral part of our story, with a crucial role in bringing some of our early technical concepts to life. In the late 80s, as we faced the challenge of manufacturing our own midrange drivers for the large 1035A, requiring high power and low distortion, Paulus rose to the occasion. In the process, he set about teaching himself to cast aluminium and built his own furnace to create the driver frames.

Later, in 1991, we received a challenging request from a faithful customer in Italy, RAI. In meeting their demands, we took just two months to develop our then ground-breaking and now legendary 1031A. Paulus was there every step of the way, helping to expertly construct its midrange driver.

Paulus, a passionate instrumentalist, often spends his time playing violin and mandolin with his musician friends, so in this episode, we also explore how his musicality strengthens his connection with sound.

To see Eino Paulus’ story simply click play below.

Stay tuned for more Genelec Kinos in the near future!

Jakub Krzywak


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