Kramer the leading audio-visual experiences company is proud to announce the expansion of its innovative Series 3 product line, setting a new standard in the AV signal management domain. Series 3 shows our commitment to providing end-to-end solutions that are fully interoperable and connected, offering unprecedented simplicity, flexibility, and scalability in AV integration.

High-performance AV, unified distribution, and comprehensive connectivity with Series 3

Kramer’s Series 3 represents the essence of high-performance audio-visual experiences, offering premium quality with uncompressed 4K60 4:4:4 video, zero latency, and advanced connectivity features like fast switching, single-cable extension, and USB-C interfaces. Designed to support the most advanced collaboration devices and demanding use cases, Series 3 ensures top-notch AV signal processing in any setting.

This innovation extends beyond individual products to include a comprehensive approach to AV distribution. Our series-based strategy simplifies the design, configuration, and secure management of complete AV solutions. Series 3 integrates multiple product lines, forming a unified foundation for any deployment scenario, ensuring a singular, seamless user experience.

Furthermore, Series 3 provides full coverage of all AV connectivity protocols, offering compatibility with a wide range of signal management products. This extensive support spans from legacy to advanced protocols, facilitating effortless integration with any preferred collaboration devices. With Series 3, Kramer not only sets a new standard in AV signal management but also ensures solutions that are adaptable and future-ready, meeting the evolving needs of technology and users.

“With Series 3, we are not just launching a product line, but we are redefining the AV signal management approach. This series is a testament to Kramer’s commitment to continual innovation. As we look ahead, we are excited to keep expanding our offerings, adding more products and solutions to this domain. Our goal is to empower our customers with simplicity, flexibility, and efficiency, ensuring they stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital world.” says Yishai Mescheloff, VP AVSM and Connect

Product highlights

Matrices: Modular, Fixed, and All-in-One Matrices form the core of modern AV systems, offering versatility in professional AV installations. They address all aspects of high-performance signal distribution, switching, processing, including scaling, audio mixing, and integrated control interfaces for remote management.

Switchers: Our multi-format Series 3 Switchers optimize connectivity for presentations, live events, or home entertainment, providing versatile switching between different sources for a top-tier user experience.

Extenders: Series 3 Extenders take audio, visual, and control signals further while preserving their full quality and strength, ensuring flawless signal delivery across diverse environments.

Distribution amplifiers: These high-performance amplifiers ensure that audio and video content reach every screen, speaker, and device in your network with high precision and clarity.

Video processors: Streamline the deployment of multi-view displays and videowalls with cost-effective Series 3 Video Processors, reducing the need for multiple units and complex network infrastructures.

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